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Finest All-In-One, 100% Certified Organic Topical Product for Vitiligo, Made in USA.

BEAUTIFUL RESULTS WITHOUT TOXIC CHEMICALS: We guarantee that Vitiligo Green is 100% Certified Organic. This guarantees that we don’t use GMO ingredients, Petrolatum, SLS, Mineral Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Synthetic Fragrance and absolutely no Parabens. Instead, we use safe and effective **USDA Certified organic ingredients**, including Coconut & Saffron Essence (a wonderful skin toner and natural preservative) giving it a natural scent. This fades quickly once applied.
FINEST ORGANIC FORMULA LEAVES YOU WITH BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Vitiligo Green contains *USDA Certified Organic Ingredients*, We are proud to say that we use USDA organic seal that is 15 years old, and is a leading global standard.  The FULL list of our organic ingredients is detailed below and take a look at our ingredients picture to see how each helps your skin.
ONE PRODUCT FOR DAY AND NIGHT: It is very pure and concentrated and you apply it like lotion on your skin – A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! Many of our customers say it’s the best face and body moisturizer, so you don’t need to buy different organic skin care products.
PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AND ALL AGES: Every single ingredient in Vitiligo Green is a natural herb, Our 100% certified organic ingredients make it a perfect choice for men, women and children. Vitiligo Green does not contain skin-damaging chemicals making it suitable for dry, normal, oily and sensitive skin types. Apply a small amount of Vitiligo Green after cleansing and it absorbs quickly, leaving you with SOFT, SMOOTH, NATURAL SKIN and no oily residue.
MADE IN THE USA AND CRUELTY-FREE: We are committed to supporting American Standards and insist on excellent quality, which is why Vitiligo Green is Certified USDA Organic, Made in the USA with strict-standards in compliance with GMP. We NEVER import inferior products.

USDA Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil There is no moisturizer on planet Earth more quenching than Certified Organic Coconut Oil. In its purest form, coconut oil is nature’s way of caring dry, irritated skin with wonderful emollient properties. Rich in Vitamins and antioxidant levels that can help promote beautiful skin.  Coconut oil is not only wondrous for the skin, but can also be used as an intensive formulations for damaged hair, a smoothing hair serum, a makeup remover, a night cream, massage oil, and many other things.



Organic Rosehip(Rosa Canina):  Rose Hip Fruit is rich in vitamin C and E that helps skin softening to a more youthful appearance. Natural source of essential fatty acids omega 3. Powerful antioxidant that is used as a natural hydrant for your skin.





Psoralea Corylifolia(Babchi) is an important plant in the Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for thousands of years and continue to provide new remedies to mankind. Plants have been one of the immense importance in skincare like vitiligo since the beginning of human civilization.


Emblic Myrobalan(Amla): Used in many skincare tonics because it enriches skin, hair growth. Antioxidant-packed with Vitamin A that keep the skin looking young. Amla is a hard round fruit that grows on trees in India. It has been used for  skin and hair hair for generations in Ayurveda-the 5,000 year old Indian art of wellness. 
Nigella sativa seeds: Due to its miraculous power , N. sativa has got the place among the top ranked evidence based herbal medicine such as hypopigmentation or vitiligo. Black seed, which is also known as black cumin, black caraway, black sesame and Roman coriander, has a long history of use in traditional systems of medicine, including Ayurveda and Siddha.  In traditional herbal medicine, black cumin is regarded as a valuable solution for a number of skin related problems.
Ayurvedic roots of Turmeric (wild turmeric) Called “Kanchani,” which means “Golden Goddess” in Sanskrit, turmeric has been used traditionally for thousands of years in Ayurveda  the ancient healing art of India for many conditions and illnesses. Because of its preservative properties,  it was considered more precious than gold, and is widely known as an anti-irritant. Turmeric is one of the powerful ingredients in our product.
Sapindus are being considered and used for commercial use in cosmetics in Traditional medicine; they have been used for washing for thousands of years by native peoples in Asia as well as Native Americans. The sapindus is hypoallergenic and has a PH level of 5.5, which is the same as our skin, making it perfect for all age groups and people with sensitive skin,
 Italian Bergamia Extract: It is especially valuable for use in skincare , A rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants when blended and diluted with other effective ingredients to help promote healthy skin.


Saffron is known as “the king of spices,” and as the world’s most expensive spice. Saffron is made from the dried stigmas of the flower species crocus. Each flower of the crocus sativus has only three pistils, and these must be picked by hand. Over 70,000 flowers are required to yield 1 pound of saffron. Saffron prices at wholesale and retail rates range from US$3000 to US$5,000 per pound. Saffron has a long medicinal history. It has been used for ages as an important ingredient for skin care soothing and stressed skin.


The Secret Formulation in Vitiligo Green: Vitiligo Green comply with USDA’s highest quality standard to manufacture the most advanced, organic, and the finest all-in-one vitiligo product. It is the only product in the industry that is based on decades of medical and herbal research. Vitiligo Green’s breakthrough and unparalleled formulation promises to deliver the finest ingredients extracted in the most meticulous method for your skin’s natural beauty.


Usage Directions: It is recommended that Vitiligo Green be applied twice daily just like lotion on the affected skin. Massage the product till it fully absorb in your skin.



*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person depending on their skin type, medical history, complexity of vitiligo, family history, how large the affected area is, etc

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