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Veronica M*

Washington D.C. USA

Vitiligo runs in my family, so I wasn’t amazed to have it, but I was heart-broken to see freckles, patches on my face and neck till I found a reputable and well recommended product from Vitiligo Green. I applied it twice daily, morning and night. I was especially concerned about my face and only wanted to use pure natural/organic products. I have even and smooth skin in about 10 to 12 weeks and I don’t have to wear Vitiligo’s cakey makeup anymore. Thank you, thank you, and thank you very much Vitiligo Green.

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Houston,Texas, USA

I am 18 years old, I was diagnosed with Vitiligo when I was 4.  It started from a white spot under my right eye. My mom though it was from spending too much play time in the sun, so my mom started to keep me indoors most of the time, and when I went out I wore a big pink hat with sunscreen on my face. So I just had this one spot for at least three years, then after my 7th birthday gradually my spots started to grow. We visited a dermatologist who at first explained to us that there was no cure or treatment for vitiligo but let’s just start with some steroids. He prescribed me with a steroids ointment, protopic and also recommended that I do photo therapy sessions twice a week. Photo therapy was not covered by our insurance, so my mom had to pay a lot of money for a year worth of light treatments. In the interim, my spots were continuing to grow, and my skin became extremely sensitive to sun to a point that I couldn’t go out without feeling uncomfortable. My face turned extremely red in sunlight. About 5 months later I had more white spots under my left eye. My mom really freaked out, and we visited the doctor again, he diagnosed me with eczema in addition to vitiligo and added another steroid, Elidel. So I used both steroids for several months with no success, and now I started to get darker spots. The doctor said I had hypo and hyper pigmentation both because of some deficiencies in my immune system. My vitiligo spots continued to increase day by day on my hands, arms and neck. I was now 14 years old, my mom was at my school’s event when she was introduced to another mom with a similar dilemma of her 15 years old son’s vitiligo. She asked my mom if she believes in natural alternatives, at this point, my mom was willing to try anything. She highly recommended Vitiligo Green. We ordered it and started using it twice a day, look at my before and after pictures. Sorry for the long story, I guess a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at my before and after picture. I highly recommend Vitiligo Green. I just wanted to share my experience of vitiligo. I felt very embarrassed and stressed because of my vitiligo throughout my childhood and I thought that writing my review may help someone else out there.

Before_vitiligo_face    After_vitiligo_face

March 2015                                    July 2015

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Philadelphia,PA, USA

I am sharing pictures of my 2 years old baby, Ryan. His vitiligo started right before he turned 2. It started from a spot over his right hand’s wrist line. It felt rough and scaly, I didn’t think much of it as it was just a tiny spot. Few days later I saw another spot on his right arm, and within days the spots started to grow. I immediately took him to his pediatrician. After doing physical examination, he said that it was a fungal infection, Tinea Versicolor, and he prescribed him Ketoconazole antifungal cream. He said to use it twice daily for a month, also wash the area with medicated shampoo, selsun Blue. I started using it religiously for a month, the scaly part got better, but the white spots were continuing to grow. After a month the white spots had started to appear on his left arm as well. I was freaked out and very nervous. I went back to a different pediatrician, he said that it is not a fungal infection, it is a kind of eczema, and prescribed us with another steroid ointment, Triamcinolone. We used it for about one month with no success; we didn’t want to wait any longer and requested him to refer us to a dermatologist. It took me one month to get an appointment from the dermatologist.
The dermatologist did skin biopsy and said it is not a fungal infection or eczema, it is vitiligo. He prescribed us with high potency steroid, Corticosteroid. It was super expensive but we needed to get his vitiligo under control. We started using this ointment twice a day. After about couple of months, we saw no improvement,he started to feel itching, and redness on the areas where I was using it, and his vitiligo was continuing to spread on both arms, his legs and his face.
At this point I was very skeptical due to my previous experience, we wanted to look for natural alternatives that can put an end to his vitiligo. While searching the internet, I found Vitiligo Green. I immediately called their customer service and spoke to one of their best consultants who guided me properly by listening to my son’s history of vitiligo, I also sent them my son’s pictures to show his current situation. The consultant made me feel a lot better by giving me peace of mind that they can help my son. After speaking to them, I was convinced to place my order. After using one bottle of Vitiligo Green for 4 weeks, my son had no more redness, itching, and the white spots started to turn pink which is the first sign of improvement. I updated the consultants about his progress. The attached picture was taken after about 4 months of use of Vitiligo Green that shows perfectly normal skin . I don’t have any words to say thank you to the entire Vitiligo Green team.

baby_before   baby_after

June 2016                                              September 2016

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Phillips & Mildred*

Denver, Colorado

Vitiligo Green has excellent customer service; they provide very good free consultation. My name is Phillips from Denver, Colorado. I have a 10 year long history of vitiligo, and 30% of my body was affected.  My wife and I are very private people and we don’t share our personal information with anyone. However, Vitiligo Green motivated us to share the attached picture of my hands. I will share with you though that hands is one of the toughest areas to get pigmentation since they are washed so frequently, so the consultants advised me to reapply the product as frequently as I wash my hands.

I spoke to a consultant at their Miami Beach office in April 2014. I am a very skeptical person, and I don’t feel comfortable buying products online. The rep educated me about vitiligo, and she put up with our long string of emails with utmost professionalism. We were burnt out by many companies, and I had lost hundreds and thousands of dollars in many vitiligo treatments, but nothing worked. I did an internet search for vitiligo products, and I found Vitiligo Green. Here are a few things that made me buy this

  • It is all in one vitiligo product vs. the competitor’s product where I had to buy different types supplements, oils, creams and vitamins at four times the cost of Vitiligo Green.
  • It is 100% USDA certified organic with no chemicals
  • It is easy to apply just like lotion
  • I didn’t have to make any life style or dietary changes
  • Price is very reasonable, and I got Buy one get one free promotion
  • All of the ingredients are organic natural herbs, and have no side effects
  • Made in USA, so they abide by very strict manufacturing guidelines
  • Money back guarantee within 90 days
  • Outstanding customer service. I called every few weeks as frequently as I took pictures to get an update on my condition.

I figured that it passed all of my criteria, and I had nothing to lose if I ordered it. I am very glad that I did. Look at the picture of my hands. I kept track of the progress by taking monthly pictures. We are very grateful to the entire Vitiligo Green team. I am doing my part by writing this testimonial to help the other vitiligo sufferers. Thank you Vitiligo Green.


April 2014               July 2014

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.


Beverly Hills, California.

I am a laser Esthetician, I have been doing all sorts of laser procedures on my patients from the last 17 years. My clients were suffering some common side effects like burns and scarring from the laser’s heat, changes in the skin’s pigmentation like dark and lighter spots, increased sensitivity from sunlight especially on the exposed areas like face, neck, and arms. So I looked for a natural solution to avoid the side effects. I have a bulk account with Vitiligo Green from last three years, and I have been successfully using their product. I am very happy and I highly recommend Vitiligo Green. I especially admire and appreciate their outstanding customer service. I order every month, and get my order on time within 2 days.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Rishi N*

Bombay, India

Here in India, we mostly believe in natural products for Vitiligo/leucoderma type of skin disease. I, being a physician, liked it more because it is based on medical and herbal research. It helped my sister who was considered contagious by her own family, friends & class mates for having vitiligo. She only discussed her isolation with me. She couldn’t get married for years since her face and arms were full of freckles. I tried local products that claimed to be organic and natural, but didn’t work. After doing further research, I found out about Vitiligogreen from the USA, their website is . It gave her a new life. She coated it all over her affected skin every night for several weeks, she even called the customer service rep at Vitiligogreen to provide regular updates. They asked her how long she has been using it, she said 3 weeks, their response was to continue for another 4 to 6 weeks and then see the results.  Sure enough, in about 6 weeks she started to regain her beauty. We are very happy for her, and I can’t describe her happiness. Now she is starting to receive proposals. Thank you very much for your due diligence. This was a real life success story so purchase with closed eyes.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Heather L*

London, England

It is really effective guys, I had no clue what Vitiligo was, no one has had it in my family.  I cried when I started getting white patches on my both arms five years ago.  I heard of vitiligogreen through the internet, ordered it, and I highly recommend it.  It is 100% natural, organic, It is very simple to apply. It’s lovely.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Abdul Aziz*

Dubai, UAE

I have been in the skin care industry from last 20 years. I buy quality, and organic skin care products from all over the world and supply them to Middle East and Asia. I am a wholesale buyer of Vitiligo Green and I can proudly say that it is an amazing product. I have been getting phenomenal reviews from my customers. They have a beautiful manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida. It is such a pleasure to deal with their company.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Claudia P*

Alberta, Canada

I can confidently say to order Vitiligo Green. As a Zumba trainer, there is always an expectation and pressure to look good at all times. My skin had white spots, post-inflammatory pigmentation disorder, pimples, blemishes, and very sensitive skin. But within a couple of months of using Vitiligo Green my skin resurfaced and the rough bumps disappeared. Not only has it helped my white spots but there are no more blemishes or flare-ups at all.  After trying many different products, I can say that I no longer have to hide my skin problems under foundations and face the world without concealer with the help of Vitiligo Green. I recommend this product to everyone with any type of skin issues. I am very pleased with their customer service that answers all my emails promptly. Thank you Vitiligo green.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.


Brooklyn, New York

Hello, I am Rebecca from Brooklyn, New York. I am 42 years old African American. I am very dark skin, and I had snowy white vitiligo spots. I had number of skin issues including white and dark spots, skin sensitivity, blemishes.  I had 29 years of vitiligo history on about 60% of my body, and after few months of use, I thank God everyday that I can step out of my house without hours of makeup, or covered clothes.  I highly recommend Vitiligo Green to all vitiligo sufferers, all ages, and all skin types. What motivated me the most throughout the treatment process was their wonderful customer service. Their consultants are very knowledgeable and they guide you properly.  I thought that I write this testimonial to help everyone out there especially with dark skin.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.



My name is R.D Calbert from Seattle WA and after 2 months of applying  Vitiligo Green to my temples and upper forehead areas I can really see a slight darkening (pinkish to slight brown pigment – like ) spots start to appear where before was just straight out “white” discoloration here!!! And after consulting with the friendly support lady at V.G. I’ve received advice on how to combine 3X a day along with normal sunlight exposure to better remedy my original skin appearance naturally!!! Having normally brown skin with messy discoloration can be depressing at times. But thank God for Vitiligo Green I’m slowly but surely seeing a difference. Thanx!!!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Mark Alexandros*

Miami, Florida

I am 79 years old. I live in Miami Beach, Florida. I am from Athens, Greece. My English is not very good but I will try to write my review the best I can. I was diagnosed with vitiligo at age 19, with a few spots on my feet. Over the years the spots continued to grow and covered 55% of my body with vitiligo. All my life I had vitiligo, I tested all the treatments by doctors, herbal remedies, and products from the drug stores. Nothing ever worked so I gave up in treating my skin when I was in my 60s. When my 2 grand children age 7 and 9 were diagnosed with vitiligo, I got frustrated and decided to be a Guinea pig of a good natural vitiligo product. I searched and searched and found Vitiligo Green. I had no hope but I couldn’t see my grandsons suffer from the same emotional stress that I went through all my life. I spoke to a vitiligo green consultant and told her all about my life long battle and the treatments I had used. The consultant told me that they will accept me as a challenge as I had 60 years of history of vitiligo. The longest history they had ever seen. I started using Vitiligo Green on Feb 2013. It comes in the form of oil, and it was easy to apply all over the skin. I have been living in Miami Beach, Florida for 42 years. I have had a life time routine of going for the beach walk for one hour in the morning that I was told by the consultant is very effective with Vitiligo Green on. So I started applying Vitiligo Green before my morning walk, and then at night before bed time. If someone like me can say that I am happy with the product, anyone else can. You have to use it to believe it. I highly recommend Vitiligo Green. Both of my grandsons are using Vitiligo Green. I know that every person is different, but I mean it, you have to use it to believe it.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.


Boston, Massachusetts

I just wanted to give you a quick update on your product. I am 63 years old and have had Vitiligo for 55 years. It covers 85% of my body.  I have seen good progress and for the first time hopeful to be able to go without thick makeup on my face as it is slowly filling in.  I am very excited about this and wanted to share this with you. Thank you for this amazing product.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Sophia T*

San Diego,California

I got Vitiligo when I was 5 years old. It started from my hands, then I noticed more white patches on my neck, face, arms, and my abdomen. Face and hands bothered me the most. I remember my mom coming to my school a few times a year to tell my classmates about my white spots, but outside of my class I was still treated like I was contagious. I am 22 now, I was bullied throughout my school years. I can feel for everyone living with vitiligo as it truly impacted me emotionally, and socially. For years I tried many different options to treat my vitiligo. I wasn’t looking for a quick fix, I wanted to naturally restore my skin. I am glad to share with all of you that I found a best certified organic product from Vitiligo Green. I have pigmentation on most of vitiligo spots and I have been using it for about 6 months now. I wish everyone all the best. It has no side effects, it is an amazing moisturizer, and it is helping my skin naturally. I truly appreciate Vitiligo Green.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.


Chicago, Illinois

Dealing with vitiligo has been a very frustrating experience for my 10 years old son, and for the whole family. He has a very aggressive type of vitiligo that just took over his body in about a year. I tried everything possible out there but his vitiligo kept spreading. His dermatologist told me that there is no treatment or cure for this disease. My husband and I started to look for natural options, and we found Vitiligo Green. Long story short, we are extremely pleased with Vitiligo Green. I just placed another order, and I highly recommend it to all the vitiligo sufferers.

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person depending on their skin type, medical history, complexity of vitiligo, family history, how large the affected area is, etc.

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